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Dragon Ball super is heading to it’s end and many fans are disappointed by this fact. Even though, fans are enthusiastic to bid bye to an amazing series and wait for the upcoming December Movie. During this final week, the Dragon Ball Community is hit with some mind-boggling spoiler or some speculation. Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 is on it’s way and we will prove, whether these Speculation/Spoilers are true or not.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Even though, I’m not sure if these spoilers are 100% true or not, also they don’t have any reliable source. So, they rather seem more like speculation rather than spoilers. Let’s think about it. Without wasting time, let’s dig in.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130


Episode 131 title was already leaked a few days back and title pointed that it will be the final episode of Dragon Ball Super, Thanks to @Herms98, who once again delivered.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Here is the tweet—
“…And the provisional title for DBS ep.131, airing March 25th (the last one!): “Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again”…which sounds vaguely familiar.” — @Herms98
The title is quite similar to the title of the last episode of Dragon Ball GT. This is the title of the last episode —

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

I think we all will be crying our eyes out when the last episode airs. It is going to be really emotional as we will be saying goodbye to our beloved hero. But, we can hope that we will be seeing them again.The spoilers we are not very sure about are about Episode 130.

pisode 130 doesn’t have any revealed title, but it seems it was leaked from IMDB site metadata.It is a screen-shot that shows a big information on what’s going to happen in Episode 130.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

According to this unconfirmed and unidentified spoiler, Jiren is beaten down by Goku and now its time to use Super Dragon Balls and even though Goku was the one who took down Jiren, Goku lets Vegeta use this wish and bring back U6 as Vegeta promised Cabba that he will bring them back to life.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

As its still unconfirmed source and feels more like a speculation we do don’t support this spoiler, even though to think it sounds reasonable and true as Dragon Ball Super is about to end in just 2 episodes, so they definitely won’t be stretching story any further.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

A long yet short journey of Dragon Ball is about to reach its end.Dragon ball super has many throwbacks to Dragon Ball Z, which one is your favorite?Lemme know in comments ..


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