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Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about Attack on Titan Chapter 103 possible spoilers. The chapter isn’t out yet, and neither are the spoilers. But, I’ll be giving you all my take on what the chapter is going to be like. Attack on Titan Chapter 102 was one of the most intense ones that we’ve seen so far.

Attack on Titan Chapter 103

The Warhammer Titan’s fight against Eren concluded finally, with Eren being saved from the Jaw Titan, by Levi at the very last moment. The Cart Titan joined the action soon, along with Gabi, and the Beast Titan, who ordered for the complete annihilation of the Survey Corps. On the other hand, Levi Ackerman oders the Survey Corps to survive, at any cost. This arc is finally getting a lot more intense, after a lot of build-up. After seeing the people from Paradis in action once again, I feel like the fans are reacting happily.

Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger

I feel like Chapter 103 of Attack on Titan is going to be a lot more intense than the last one. Obviously, with the Cart Titan, and the Beast Titan joining the action. I feel like things will definitely heat up a lot more. Chapter 103 might show us Eren somehow using his coordinate ability, and as we all know, that’s enough to turn the tide of any war. However, this is Eren’s second transformation in the same day, so don’t expect a lot from him.


From here, I think the Survey Corps will take the leading role, and Levi will order everyone on their specific roles. Levi has already fought and destroyed the Beast Titan once, so I feel like he’ll be aware of how he attacks. Similarly, I think this won’t be like the last time at Paradis, where they lost a lot of lives.

Attack on Titan Chapter 103

This time, I think they’ll have a plan, and they will most likely succeed in taking down the threat of the Beast Titan. The Cart Titan is also a big threat, but I don’t think that it can do too much harm. However, It will need to be taken care of before the Beast Titan, because its mobility sure causes a lot of trouble. The Survey Corps will most likely handle it.

Attack on Titan Chapter 103

Finally, I feel like we’ll see Reiner in this chapter. I would love to see him pull off a betrayal, and join the Survey Corps, but I don’t see that happening just yet. If he is indeed in the chapter, he will use the Armored Titan against the Paradis to the best of his abilities. I don’t know if the Colossal Titan will make an appearance, but I sure hope so.




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