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Dragon Ball Super’s relationship between its anime and manga is very unusual. The anime is the one leading the manga, which is usually the other way around in almost all the other anime out there. While the Tournament of Power is getting ready to drop the big curtain, the manga is just getting started.

The latest chapter of the manga is very different from the anime version. Even from the start, Android 17 is getting hyped up. For his rather peculiar behavior earlier (greeting Toppo and Jiren), Goku received the coldest welcome by Universe 11 warriors. On the other hand, Toppo and Jiren are not even interested in him.

Even more, Katopesla was already defeated. He was expected to last longer than most of the characters. Frost and Frieza’s alliance is also not the of a secret, at least in the eye of the readers. They will target the three baldies of Universe 7: Master Roshi, Tien Shinhan, and Krillin. Almost all the scenes from the anime are not parallel to the scene in the manga. But the biggest change must be the King of All, himself.

Instead of saying “Wako wako dane” and “Doki doki dayoo”, the two Zenos are given lines that are surprisingly not that childish. In all honesty, it is very unfitting for a God to just sit down, stare at his GodPad, and scream “Amazing” and “Awesome” during his only screen time in Tournament of Power. Dragon Ball Super Manga seems to have fixed that and decided to give the two Zenos a wider vocabulary.

It is possible that DBS manga’s Zeno-samas are wiser than their anime counterpart. The anime Zeno-samas are more playful and will forget about the rules of Tournament of Power if something amazes them. If the manga Zeno-samas are wiser than the anime, then the manga will definitely make a different story.


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