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There’s no doubt about it, Mastered Ultra Instinct is badass. That was the first time Jiren has shown how annoyed he really. He had the chance to eliminate Goku before, but he shrugged that chance and went on to meditate. Now that Goku mastered the most powerful form, Jiren might want to look back and reflect on letting the enemy become the biggest threat.

Because of Jiren’s strength, him letting go of Goku was never an issue before. He was confident that whatever the Saiyan would do, the Saiyan will never beat him. However, Goku pushed his limits more and more and before Jiren can stop it, Goku is now a threat to Universe 11’s survival. Goku’s Ultra Instinct pushed him to where Jiren stands, challenging him.

Being pushed by the underdog, Jiren released more of his true power. His every effort to eliminate Goku feels useless because every time he beats the Saiyan, he keeps coming back stronger than before. And there’s no doubt that Jiren is the reason why Goku made such an improvement in such a short amount of time. As seen on Dragon Ball Super episode 130 preview, Jiren will finish this battle once and for all…using his full power: Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super episode 130 shows Jiren rugged and angry for the first time. He got dirt and bruises everywhere, which means that he received a lot of beating from Goku. For the first time, Jiren’s perfect Pride Trooper uniform was torn. He also sports the same glow of Mastered Ultra Instinct same as Goku’s. It’s not the usual God Ki, but, the usual Ultra Instinct ki. This explains why Jiren’s clothing was torn, he’s also radiating heat.

Jiren seems to also possess the Gods of Destruction ki because he used a purple aura to block Goku’s attack. He might not be a candidate for the position, but he is powerful enough to use GoD Ki. So it is possible that he is capable of using Hakai.

Whether, Jiren can use hakaishin ki or can tap into Ultra Instinct, we will know in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. Hopefully, Frieza will also appear in the next episode. Let me know what you think about Jiren using Ultra Instinct by dropping a comment below.





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