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Hey guys. Dragon Ball Super is going to end soon as we all know. We have very little time before we saw goodbye to the series. We are left with just three more episodes until the series is over. The most recent episode was DBS 128. It was quite shocking to see Vegeta getting knocked out in that way.

The script writing for the episode was really bad. Particularly the moment when Vegeta was thrown out. Vegeta didn’t have enough to power go Super Saiyan, but before getting knocked out, Vegeta threw Gokū some of his energy. The shocking bit is that Gokū, who was seemingly exhausted, went Super Saiyan Blue with Vegeta’s help.

It just doesn’t add up. The animation bit was fine but it was really poor script writing. I wasn’t expecting such a thing at thing at this crucial point in the series. Anyway, moving on to the main thing here. We have got the title for Dragon Ball Super 131. Thanks to @Herms98, who once again delivered.

Here is the tweet—
“…And provisional title for DBS ep.131, airing March 25th (the last one!): “Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again”…which sounds vaguely familiar.” — @Herms98
The title is quite similar to the title of the last episode of Dragon Ball GT. This is the title of the last episode —

I think we all will be crying our eyes out when the last episode airs. It is going to be really emotional as we will be saying goodbye to our beloved hero. But, we can hope that we will be seeing them again.

I think it’s really strange for the series to come to an abrupt end. But, try as we may, we can’t change the fact that Super is ending. There is one positive from the conclusion of the series and that is the movie, which will be coming out in December 2018. The movie is about the Saiyan race. The movie will give us information about the Saiyans.

Saiyans are very interesting beings and this movie will help us to understand them Better. We will receive more news about the movie probably in March, so stay tuned. For now, we have to be patient. Do you think Dragon Ball will return after the current series is finished?

I think that the movie might be linked to the future series in one way or the other. It is a canon movie after all.

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