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Hey everyone! In this post, I want to talk about the Mastered Ultra Instinct form that Goku is going to use in the upcoming episode against Jiren. Before I begin discussing the form, I want to let you all know that this post contains a lot of spoilers. If you’re not okay with being spoiled, I suggest you stop reading, and leave the post.

If spoilers don’t bother you, then you’re at the right place. Let’s get started, and discuss Dragon Ball Super Episode 129, and 130 Spoilers. The Tournament of Power has finally entered in its last half. The climax is here, and we’re into the last 2 minutes now. Episode 130 will see the Tournament of Power getting wrapped up completely, while episode 129 will see the final clash between Goku, and Jiren take place.


Goku and Jiren have both fought each other before, and Jiren has always had the upper hand, except the one time Goku went Ultra Instinct. It is pretty clear that without Ultra Instinct, Goku cannot match up to Jiren. Lucky for him, he’s achieved this form for the third time in the Tournament of Power now, and now Goku will finally be going all out. Seeing Goku use Ultra Instinct, Jiren will use every ounce of energy in his body, and hit Goku with it.

But little does he know that it’ll only make Goku stronger. That’s right. Goku will be mastering Ultra Instinct shortly after. Mastered Ultra Instinct is something that everyone wants to have a look at, and we haven’t really seen what it looks like yet.

However, thanks to the trailer for Xenoverse 2 Dlc, we have an anime image of Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, and I think it looks amazing. At first, a lot of fans, me included, were skeptical about Goku’s silver hair in Mastered Ultra Instinct, but now, it doesn’t look as bad. I think this form looks just as cool, if not cooler than the earlier version of Ultra Instinct.

Goku will be unleashing its powers on Jiren, and I don’t think Jiren will be able to match up to him anymore. In Ultra Instinct Omen, Goku proved to be more or less an equal to Jiren. Now, according to spoilers, his power skyrockets, and so I think Jiren won’t be able to do much now, or maybe he’ll pull a rabbit out of the hat, and surprise us all. Either way, we’ll find out soon enough.




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