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It is only a few days before we finally see the ultimate showdown in the whole Dragon Ball history. Goku can’t have a substitute this time, he can’t also Senzu Bean his way out of it. And more importantly, no wish to the Dragon Balls can correct any mistake that he will make.

That is why he is going be in his Mastered Ultra Instinct mode for his last fight in Tournament of Power. Fans are very excited and very curious about this form. But except for the silver hair colour, nothing is known about its combat capabilities. Still, we are given more shots of the Mastered Ultra Instinct, like this one cover for the Super Dragon Ball Heroes game binder set. The image was uploaded by YonkouProduction in their official Twitter account

The first thing that can be noticed is the lack of that red aura that was seen in the previous promotional picture. Goku also seems to possess a denser silver aura that coats his body, rather than leaking out. It seems like just like the Mastered Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct aura needs to be contained in the body to use its full power.

Does this mean that Goku already figured out how to control the heat that leaks out whenever he uses Ultra Instinct? This can explain why he can throw a good punch at Jiren out of nowhere. However, there is a drawback of this because Goku never really used the form before with proper training. It is a miracle that Goku can use that form efficiently albeit just acquiring it a few moments ago (ToP time). But the form will have a drawback after, more lethal than SSB Kaioken x 10.

There’s only one thing that Goku can surely take advantage of, and it is Ultra Instinct’s high evasion rate. If he can Kamehameha Jiren like he what he did to Kefla minutes ago, that would be the greatest strategy. With that, he can get the least damage while dealing the greatest damage he can cause.



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