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It has finally come! The complete Utra Instinct or the Mastered Ultra Instinct appeared for the first time in the Dragon Ball Super episode 129 preview. So far there is still no preview of Ultra Instinct during the battle. The only thing we saw was Goku’s hair change into silver. While, Jiren silently stares down at him.

It’s obvious that the Ultra Instinct in the next episode will be far from the usual Ultra Instinct that we usually see. Goku’s eyes turn silver along with hair. And not only that, his ki will once again make the World of Void tremble. This makes the outcome harder to predict with, only a handful of minutes left in the Tournament.

But, the transformation that we call “Ultra Instinct” might actually not be the right name for it. The Ultra Instinct with black hair might actually have another name and it won’t be Ultra Instinct. It turns out that the form, we’ve known till now is really called “Ultra Instinct Omen” or “Ultra Instinct Sign”. Goku is the first one to achieve this form throughout the whole DB multiverse.

According to Ken Xyro, the translation of Goku’s Silver-haired form name in the scanned materials is simply “Ultra Instinct” and there is no “mastered” or “perfected” alongside its name. Xyro elaborated even further than the Ultra Instinct Sign, which is the one that we had seen Goku use before, is called like that because the form shows signs of the real Ultra Instinct. He further elaborated with an analogy of a form from the past. While Ultra Instinct Sign is like the Pseudo Super Saiyan, Ultra Instinct is like the Super Saiyan.

We will have to wait a little longer to see Ultra Instinct in action. But, by the looks of it, it will make Jiren run for his money.

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