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Hey everyone! In this Article , I will talk about Dragon Ball Super Episode 131.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 is going to be a 3 v 1, with Goku, 17, and Frieza going all out to take Jiren down. In the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 131, we could see Super Shenron being summoned, and judging by the reaction of people, the wish is likely something nobody expected.  

Lets check The Leaked Images of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 ( Thanks to Yonku On Twitter for it :))

We also got a couple of leaked images for the episode today ..

Even though Dragon Ball Super is ending with episode 131, the series won’t be over. We’re getting a new Dragon Ball Super movie in December of this year, and it is a direct sequel to the anime, meaning Super is going to continue. There are also rumors that Dragon Ball Super will return to TV next year, but we don’t know that for sure just yet.


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