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The hype for Dragon Ball Super’s ending is strong and fans are looking forward to seeing Mastered Ultra Instinct in action. at least we have that first Dragon Ball Super Movie.

Toei Animation released a key visual and release date for the movie. The new visual also reveal something interesting about the characters that will be in the movie. The new visual is the picture below.

Movie "Dragon Ball Super" is coming on 14th December! This movie is next part in the story of the anime that is currently airing on TV. We also have a Goku visual and Mr. Toriyama's comments. For details check the official site:


It is likely that if the movie is connected in the ending of the anime, we might see Universe 6′ revival. That’s because if the movie will run through the future, the only remaining Saiyan civilization is on Planet Sadara in Universe 6. It was hinted before by Toriyama that the new movie will be about the origin of the Super Saiyan.

Dragon ball Super movie


What do you think about this Movie !?

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